We're back with a better, faster, more efficient site, you now have more tools, more ways and more flexibility to find new Fitness Friends near you.

Our new system is faster, cleaner and simpler to use but gives you more power to find what you're looking for whilst making it easier to create a profile so that other like-minded people can find you!

Using Find Fitness, you can locate training and exercise partners, look for gyms, clubs, training locations, outdoor groups, communicate with gym buddies and help get fitter, faster and find Fitness Friends.

Search using maps, exercise and sporting activities, find people who are looking for a training partner in your area or in your sport or just browse the map the see what's around you.

Search for people, couples, groups, clubs, gyms and locations, quickly, simply and make contact as easily as a 'click'.

For more information, find out how to get the most from Find Fitness.

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